Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Aren't the flowers glorious?

"Bait" I feel like Diesel does when he carries Bait around, triumphant because he caught something. Except I'm not going to carry my research paper around with my teeth and rip it to shreads. Although ripping it apart does sound appealing, once I get my grade. (I should listen to Billy Talent while I rip it apart... lol)

I just finished my rough draft for my research paper, I'm not even going to do yoga tonight. It's too late. I've worked on my paper soooo much today and I had to stop in the middle for HD class. Oh well, it's written. I'm glad it's done, now I would just like to go to sleep.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

maybe I'll eat my research paper when I get it back.

...and make sure I get pictures, of course. XD

Anonymous said...

u like to say glorious don't you?lol,long time no comment,huh? well,blogger was srsly messed up for a loooong time and wouldn't let me comment on ANY of your or jaho stuffs.LAME!Anyway,i don't know if this one will go through either but i hope it does.E-mail me sooooooon!bye!

jelvistar said...

What pretty flowers!

Wow...that sounded like MOM.