Sunday, March 11, 2007

5 things

Um..... I tag Brian, because I think he's the only one who would actually do this. But if you want to, just name the 5 things that come to your mind when you read these words.


1) Hugh Jackman

2) Johnny Depp

3) Brittany Spears (closely related to Brian, apparently... lol)

4) Anna Nicole Smith

5) Matt Redman


1) Circumstantial

2) Spring

3) Flowers

4) Laughter

5) Friends


1) God's love, shown in Jesus Christ

2) Red Beard's beard.... lol

3) Snow Patrol

4) Mini Coopers

5) Nature


1) Strangely enough, driving by and seeing Jaho at an intersection campaigning

2) Jaho

3) Our Governor......

4) A candidate that lost from my district, he would have been awesome

5) Guilt


1) Pizza

2) Salads

3) Pintos and cheese

4) Guilt.....

5) POPCORN!!!!!!


Sir Brian The Manly said...

GAH!! Do you know how creepy it is to be put into the same sentence as Ms. Baldy Spears!? =O

Josh said...

thats funny