Friday, February 09, 2007

Where my homies at?

Let us again speak of such things as, why wasn't Dom shown in Lost? He should always be in each episode, he's awesome. Let us speak of why I wish Kate and Sawyer would get "kicked off the island." And why I think Claire should have a superpower.

In other words, where are my LOST homies at? Let us talk of such things.

Where are my Heroes homies at? Brian and Kristy? Anyone else? Let's talk about the BIG surprise when we found out about who Claire's real father is.

Let's have a nerd convention....


jelvistar said...

It was no surprise that Nathan is Claires Dad. He's slimy that way. Poor Claire, it's not her fault who her parents are!! I want more Hiro, he rocks. Lost is dumb. Yes I said it. Watch yourself some 24, go Jack!

Elyse said...

Go jump of a 30 story building and regenerate!

He is slimy.

I <3 Hiro. Can we make a t-shirt that says that? Please!?!!?!?! Next birthday k? Can you hook me up, perhaps a Hiro themed birthday party? Hmm?

Elyse said...

Yes.... Jump of. It's a new thing.

Or off. AND I even slept in this morning. OH man, it's almost as bad as last night... Mweheheh..

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I have to watch a million episodes of Heroes online to catch up, and I have to watch the latest lost episode tonight to catch up.

So I'm afraid I can't join the conversation. =P

...although kate and sawyer getting kicked of the island would indeed be nice.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I caught another one of these:
Jack: What did he say?
Blond Lady: I beg your pardon?
Jack: Ben. Tell me what he said.

This was a good shot, dude.

Ashlily said...

DUDE,my mom taped it for us when we were at youth group,then my brothers watched it without me.....AND THEN DELETED THE VIDEOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! *dies from the lost Lost*(oooooh that was lame XP)So i haven't seen the newest episode =(
OH aren't you proud of me? I put up a new post IN THE SAME MONTH AS THE LAST ONE!!!!! yay me! lol,gtg,cyas!

rosanne said...

I freaking love that show. And that's all I have to say about that. Why does everyone hate kate and sawyer? don't watch the stupid show if you hate half of the main characters... :-P