Monday, January 29, 2007


I love the Shins. There is pretty much nothing better than doing school on a sunny day and listening to the Shins. Of course I wasn't doing that today, I was doing that on Friday. Today I have a slight fever and I took a nap after co-op. So today has become kind of a haze, I really shouldn't sleep in the middle of the day. It throws me off.

I can feel the tips of my screws sticking out, I hope they don't fall out... LOL. That would be creepy. "Elyse, there's a SCREW STICKING OUT OF YOUR LEG." me: "Oh really? umm... Ew? *faints*"

I feel like some tea and a good thing about today is that Heroes is tonight and I'm going over to Grandma's to watch it because OH MY WORD, it froze every 2 seconds last time we tried to watch it on

Some really good stuff has happened in the last couple of days and some really bad stuff has happened too. The Lord is good though, even when I feel, well, less than normal He is always there. He is always consistent. I'm so thankful for that. One of my oldest friends was baptized along with his family, God is so faithful and HE HEARS US WHEN WE PRAY. How many times did I cry out of frustration over my friend? I'm not sure. But I cried yesterday, when my friend was baptized. How great is our God!? To allow me to witness that... It's incredible.

Apparently some of my friends think that in 20 years I will be a novelist... WHAT!? I have no idea.... I thought that was pretty funny though.

Now, I have posted. It is random but it is a post and I shall go and get some warm liquid to ingest and try to concentrate on finishing the chem reading.



jelvistar said...

I held a new baby tonight!! Rob's co-worker had her baby 4 weeks early. But they are both healthy, the baby even weighs 6 pounds!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Heeeeyyyy, I didn't know Heroes episodes were on their website!

Anyway, as cool as I'm sure the shins are, I can think of approx. 14,567,378.299 things I'd rather do than doing school on a sunny day and listening to them. Not because of them though, because of school. And at first I thought that said "on a sunday" and I was like, "Why would you want to do school on a Sunday!?"

Although school isn't that bad this quarter. Rarely any homework. I want a Wii.