Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday and Saturday

On Friday I had Betsy and Allie over, I had invited more girls but they all had other things they needed to do. Even though we missed them terribly we still had bunches of fun. We played Sticky Situations and that brought on some deep discusion, we ate food (yes!), watched Bride and Prejudice (unfortunately we didn't get to finish it) and played with the Chats. Chato totally stole the show, Diesel was scared out of his mind so he wasn't his normal self. I must say, dogs are much more friendly than cats and I do over all like them a bit more. I still like Diesel though! =) Chato is adorable, we were making her jump and she can jump really high, she's a cutie. Bella hung out with us too, so that was cool.
Kristy put Rob's (my brother-in-law) hat on me, all I needed was hoops! I had the side pony tail (I don't wear my hair like that!) and the sideways hat, I looked street-wise. Or so I thought, Rhonda (Rob's sister) said I looked like I was Irish. Not surprising because I am partially Irish, mostly Swedish though.

You may be wondering, why were all these people at my house? Well this last pictures and the following picture were taken today, we had Max's 9th birthday party here!
What makes a little boy who likes computer games happy? A game crazy gift card, courtesy of Juano (John) who is a big game nerd himself.
His expression makes me laugh, it reminds me when I was trying to help him get one of his toys out of the packaging and I cut all the way around because he was being impatient and I felt like bugging him, he grabbed it and the toy (magnets, those "crickets" or "clacker" things) flew across the kitchen and into the sink. He glared at me, it was pretty funny.
Happy Max. He's so cute.

That was yesterday and today, we still have tomorrow! Whew, busy.


jelvistar said...

Vary Nahce.


Fun times.


Josh said...

Ill huff and i'll puff and blow something???????

Rosanne said...

Aww, i love when you post pictures! It's all so home-y! And it's so neat seeing you with all your extended family all the time! My dad is from Guatemala, so all my family lives there, except a few relatives who moved up to texas, but that's practically equally far away. Aside from that, on my mom's side, all I have is a grandma and aunt and uncle, so the largest crowd, when my "whole family" gets together is the 7 of us. :-P

Jahothanan said...

Betsy looks a lot like Jordan. I guess you can tell they are family.

Father Cory said...

Betsy looks a lot like Molly. I don't know why.

Betsy said...

... very funny Cory. I forget that I'm a twin sometimes, so it's always fun to be reminded. Thanks for inviting me Elyse! It was a blast! Have you used the ruler calculator yet? (white elephant gift)