Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is actually not a complaining post, I promise!

So last night was really fun, well the beginning was, well the Carnival was. I was put in charge of the dart throwing booth, "Great, I get the dangerous one!" It was really fun though, one little girl didn't even throw them. She was like 3 or 4 though. She asked me to through one and decided (very shyly) that she didn't want to do that, I gave her a piece of candy and she went away. Oh man! There's this Australian family at my church and they have kids ranging from my age to like 7 months, anyway the oldest one was walking around with his little sister (she is SOOO adorable!) and she wanted to play darts. She looked like a hobbit child, she has curley red hair (like her brother) and she has the most gorgeous smile. Anyway, I was looking through the pictures from last night and I saw one of them, the guy was dressed up like a Jedi and he was helping her golf. All you could see was him, his cape and this bright gold skirt (Belle from Disney, for those who care) and his and her hands holding the golf club. Too cute! Oh my word! I would post it but their parents don't like their kids to be in pictures sooo yeah. But it's really cute.

Dad and I left and I was like, "Whew, now I get to relax and watch a movie or something." We were on our street and there was an ambulance and a firetruck, I have this habit of praying for the people in those vehicles and the others that are affected by that. We passed them and drove into our driveway, my Mom and our neighbor were out front. I said, "Oh no, some thing's wrong."

Turns out that John (my brother) was in that ambulance! So we went in the car after them, we ended up being at the hospital for like 4 hours or something. They still don't know what's wrong with him but he's going to talk to his doctor tomorrow.

Life changes so quickly, oh my word, I thought the Halloween excitement was over little did I know the night would go on for a while.

God is good. Please pray for John, that he will be healed and for God's will to be accomplished.

The people in the waiting room were more than interesting.


Jahothanan said...

I will pray and please give me updates. They are very helpful when praying.

jelvistar said...

Oh my word.

Are you turning southern or something? Bella's piano teacher is from Texas, and she always says that.

Juan will prevail!

Viva la Juan.