Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm "humming"

No, not like singing, I've been pretty busy.

Mom and I went Christmas Child shopping at Target tonight, I think we spent about an hour and a half there. God blessed our shopping and it came out perfectly, leaving enough money for the shipping cost. We saw lots of people we know, go figure. If you live in an area for over 20 years that happens.

I saw one of my older (like I've known her for a long time) friends. She had ankle surgery about the same time I did. She had broken her ankle several times and the doctors finally decided to put a screw in there to hold it together. She's a soccer player so that's how she broke her ankle, now it's just a weak spot. It's amazing how similar some of our medical trials that our families have gone through have been so similar. With the ankle thing and the colon cancer that affected our fathers. Anyway, she would ask my questions like, "Do you ever hit it and it hurts like crazy?" So then I shared my story about me hitting my ankle on the stadium seats and it hurt all the way up to the top of the stadium. She said she hit her ankle on a counter and it hurt so bad she went to the doctor.

We had other shared experiences, like at summer camp we were both gimps and God provided other gimps for us to hang out with! =) We went to different summer camps. We talked about how stiff our ankles get etc. Anyway, she's going to have the screw taken out as soon as it heals, the bone still hasn't closed because it's been injured so many times. So she needs prayer for healing.

It was a big blessing to be able to fellowship with someone that has gone through basically the same thing as me.

I saw another girl I've known for a long time (as in we were in the same State history class when I was in 5th grade) and she's engaged! Which is kind of weird, she is two years older than me but since when have people that I know that are two years older than me gotten married? I must be growing up or something. I suppose as the years go on more and more people I've grown up with will be getting married. Growing up is crazy stuff and starting college is really throwing me into the whole "crazy grown-up world."

I wrote my letter of intent for the community college up here. I'll be glad when this whole enrolling thing is over and I can get into a routine. One thing that happened was that I enrolled online and they emailed and said it was going through but it never got through! So I have no student ID. But they called and said I could pick up a form tomorrow (when I meet with the counselor) and get my ID then.

For now I'll continue to be humming with activity, but I think God may be using this time to show me just how sovereign He is. He is teaching me to trust Him to carry me through all this crazy busy time and come out better than I could have imagined.

Anyway, I'm off to do some Teen Leadership homework and then bed!!! Yay. I love to sleep.


jelvistar said...

So...she's only 15 and she's getting married? WHAT?

Elyse said...


How did I get younger???

Josh said...

lol. Familiar story here about broken bones my friend broke his wrist and he hates needles so the DR. said he could just pull it into place or he could numb it. My friend said just do it and so the doc pulled it into the proper position really fast and my friend screamed and had to take a moment to calm down.

Father Cory said...

Mousepad. I have a confession.

Metnal broked T_T

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Wow, you're sixteen, but you've lived there for over twenty years? That's amazing!

Father Cory said...

I did that once.