Saturday, October 14, 2006

Watchin' Movies

Bella wanted to watch Bride and Prejudice, how I love the movie.

Mr. Kholi (equivalent of Mr. Colins) cracks me up, the things he says..... *shakes head* The Cobra Dance scene is soooo awesome. For those of you who have not seen the movie I will explain, Balraj, his sister and Darcy came over to Lalita's (aka Elizabeth) house for dinner. Mia (Mary) did a "Cobra Dance" but it was soooo awkward. It's pretty awesome.

It's also awesome to see Naveen Andrews playing something other than Sayid (from LOST) it's very funny to see Sayid singing and dancing.

Good movie, there are some naughties but not too bad.

Here is an interesting page about the movie. I didn't know that she gained 20 pounds for it. Heh, well it got her looking like a normal girl. Interesting.

Sometimes at school Mary, Caroline, Madeline and I would start singing songs from the movie. It was good times. We wished that our lives were a musical, but we made it a musical. Heheh... Of course we also sing the Proclaimer's songs very loudly and badly, which is awesome. How I love my homies.

By the way, I have the soundtrack for Bride and Prejudice too. All the songs from the movie were AWESOME but of course they have Ashanti, so BOO! I don't listen to those songs. I wish she hadn't been in the movie, it was lame.

Oh and for those of you who were wondering the party was good. I now own 2 cap guns, so watch out! LOL. I have like 18 pairs of earrings now. We are going to get them pierced on Sunday, so yeah. Should be interesting.


Father Cory said...

You know my stance ¬_¬

Ashlily said...

hmmmm,sounds interesting.Haha,my brothers and i burst out singing like West Side Story or Les Miserables randomly all the time,it's quite entertaining,lol. I hope you had lots of fun on your B-day,ttyl

jelvistar said...

Balle Balle

Brian said...

weird! I turned 6 on my 16th birthday too.