Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yeah, that's right. My Mom rocks.
Rob and Kristy gave me these, I use them to enforce law around here. I've never owned a cap gun in my life, until my 16th birthday. Like Kristy said, I wasn't turning 16 I was turning 6. Anyway, those guns are pretty awesome. I think I should name them. Any ideas?

The paparazzi follow me everywhere... LOL. But no joke, at my party there were 2 cameras and 1 video camera. When I got my ears pierced today there was 1 camera and 1 video camera. The girl who pierced my ears said, "Usually only the little kids have people taking pictures." Yeah, that's my family though. Document everything digitally.
So the last present I opened was from my parents, an ear piercing kit (earrings and anti septic) and the leather hole punch pictured. Yeah right Dad. He always said, "You want 'em pierced? I'll pierce 'em" I wasn't expecting to get a hole punch for my birthday. My father's sense of humor....
Kristy, checking to see if the girl got the spots right. Since Kristy has had some piercings she would know what she's talking about. Bella's reflection in the mirror waiting for us to get on with the shooting.
There I am walking away, with my pierced ears. The earrings are pretty.


Curly is Back said...

Those are lovely earrings, Elyse!


Kaits said...

Pretty pretty girl. And I love your cake! So awesome!

Jahothanan said...

Very nice.

Tim said...


Father Cory said...

Happy Birthday Mousepad
Your nickname's pretty old
But not as old as you are
Or so I am so told
Enjoy being sixteen
It's nearly almost there
And life gets older before too long
Make sure to wash your hair!

Aaaaaaaand HB, Mousepad. Here's to another yeer!

jelvistar said...

Bon Anniversaire, you should go and shoot John now.

Rosanne said...

YOU are really pretty!!

Keith M. said...

Happy (early?) birthday.

Anonymous said...

Elyse, I like your blog! I got here from Kris and Mary-Jane's new blog.

In Him,
Kim (Lauren's Mom)

t-man said...

your sister is right you are turning six
happy birthday!!!

Dylan said...

I think you should name your guns "Law" and "Justice." That way you can stroll up to the villian (or otherwise law-breaking citizen and say, "You'd better shape up or I'll have ta intraduce ya to my friends Law and Justice."

Elyse said...

Thanks everyone!

Hi Mrs. B!

Dylan: Awesome idea. I think I might just do that.