Friday, October 27, 2006

Updates, how I've been putting this one off

Life has been pretty busy this week. Having Ruth here was good, her visit went by pretty fast.

Yesterday Ruth took me to a nail place and we got pedicures and manicures, it looks like I have French nails (did I say that right?) but it's just white painted on the end on my fingernails. It's a wee bit odd having that on there, I usually just wear crazy colors. That night Dad and I went out to the Spit and waved at cars with a Republican running for state senate in our district, it was really interesting. Oh my word, Ruth drove by and waved, honked and took pictures.... We didn't tell the politician that we were related to her. Haha... But now I have some sympathy for a friend of mine who helped campaign for someone.

Today I went on a service project with the Teen Leadership class. We raked a lady's yard, he husband died in Iraq (he was a Marine). They were basically newly weds, I think they had been married for at least a year, she has a little baby boy. It was SO SAD. Oh my word. The mom that drove us told us that the lady, Hannah had pictures of her husband on her cell phone from before he left and she dropped it, she took it to Verizon and when they told her they couldn't retrieve the pictures she broke down in the store. It's so lame. I'm pretty sure she's a Christian. Anyway, I'm glad we could help her, we'll probably go back and do some more yard work or help her move.

So here I am, blogging and listening to R.E.M. Ah good times. Tomorrow is the Awana conference, so I need to get to bed early because I'll be up at an indecent hour (in my opinion). I'm looking forward to the classes and getting some hints and leadership skills tomorrow. The conferences are always good.How in the world does Diesel keep managing to get into every picture??? I promise I don't carry him around with me all the time, just some of the time. Who looks taller in this picture, eh Kristy????
Mom, Ruth and I (and Diesel!). This picture was taken today just before she left.
I look slightly, stretched in this picture, maybe that's because I was squinting. Hm... Anyway, from left to right, Kristy, me, Ruth (and Diesel!). We really aren't huge cat freaks, really. But the person who owns this animal might be described as a dog person.


jelvistar said...

The starbucks drive-thru accidentely gave me an extra shot. Woo-Hoo!

Tyler said...

you love your cat
admit it!
cacho libre
thats good

Ashlily said...

Oh my gee,Chato looks miserable in that picture,awww! lol,but sooo cute!

I was so sad when i read about that lady,i'll definantly be praying for her and her little boy.

Keith M. said...

Wow, that is sad, I don't think I could even live after that.

What ever happened to the peanut butter discussion? :*(

Elyse said...

Kristy: you are so weird.

Ty-ty: I do! I love him.

Ashley: I know! It's so funny though, the Chats is really funny.

Keith: I was talking to Tyler's brother yesterday and he brought up an interesting combo, marshmallow cream and peanut butter. It sounds good.

jelvistar said...


Keith M. said...

That's been one of my favorite for years. (that is until about a year ago, I get nauseas on peanut butter)Now I just eat plain fluff and bread.