Tuesday, September 12, 2006

*Pretends not to be excited*

*fails completely*

I GOT THE HIGHEST SCORE ON THE FIRST CHEMISTRY QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got 50 out of 54 points, the next closet score was 44 points.

Ah, I am happy. We'll see how this holds out through the year, when we actually get to the hard stuff. I usually do well on the first quizzes. Just as long as I keep studying hard I should do fine.

Oh and AWANA was good, there are two LIT's in my group, the Pen Man and Josh. They were both in my group last year. Mr. K. did well, although I'm sure it was confusing for him. I felt so... Out of control. Last year I had free reign, but this year Mr. K. will be more involved than the guy who was the Leader last year. So I'm not the "main leader" but I already explained that.

I'm sore. My legs aren't used to all this walking, I didn't get to exercise my legs much with my ankle being busted for a couple months. Oh well, it should get better.

And that is all, for now.


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smarty pants!

Rosanne said...

i wish i was brilliant in chemistry. ;) well done!