Friday, September 01, 2006

A little event calendar for you

Tomorrow I'm going to a Folk festival, not too exciting but I do get to see a family group play that I've known for a very long time play. Which will be good.

We got our fair tickets and that means that I get to see DAVID CROWDER BAND (OH MY WORD!) at the fair this year. That should be awesome, amazing and generally cool beyond all words.
Excited, me? No.... =P

I am going to a Trekkie convention soon and that will be.... *interrupts self* Okay before I explain how it will be I must confess. I have seen every single episode of Star Trek except one (because it had really bad content), I have seen all the movies and I can name all the captains, their second officers, most likely their engineers and all bridge crew from every series. Which is ABSOLUTELY nerdy! But alas, I know this. I will be expressing my nerdiness with my siblings, all of them except for one who happens to be living in England.
So the Trekkie convention will be in fact fun for me, no I WILL NOT dress up. I do have my limits, people. The Klingon death metal band is playing later at night, sadly (hehe...) we will not be staying for that.

So now you have my confession, now you know a bit more about me. Now please tell me in your comment, how does that feel?


jelvistar said...

So do you still want us to come with you? And just to note, I am going to the convention in support of my siblings, not for myself. Thank you.

Elyse said...

Ha Ha ha! Like the convention was my idea in the first place, Kristy. Ch...

Hahaha... Nuhuh, you are going to chill with your dreadlock brotha's not Bob Marley mind you, the Klingons!

Although Klingons don't have dreads, they should though.