Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Last Days of Summer

Dewgrass did very well, I don't particularly like Bluegrass/Gospel music but I think they played very well. I've known them probably since I was in 1st grade, Jake and I were in the same Awana group. It's crazy to see how grown up he looks now. Anyway, the Dewgrass homepage is linked here.

Parking was fun, actually parking was easy but we parked really far away. We thought that all the parking spots would have been taken.... Nope. So Mom and I walked a total of two miles today/ *groan* I was wearing Converse, not really good support in those. Oh well, but poor Mom! She is gimpy, since her hip is messed up.

Well, pretty soon after we got to the park I saw Curly, we gave each other a hug and excitedly talked about our summers. I must say, Curly is awesome, she is a dear sister in the Lord and she is SO funny. I asked her what she was going to do after highschool and she wants to be a nurse! I was like, "Me too!" We both would like to work with kids, they have less issues than adults. So if we do end up getting into the career we will be the dynamic duo of the Pediatric nursing section. Ha ha... Curly got up and walked over to see Megan, then I saw Jahothanan and I got up to say hi to him. It is really rare to see him, I think I've seen a him a total of 4 times in my whole life and this was the second time I've seen him this week! So that was funny. We got to talk a little bit more than we usually do so that was cool.

Today the Cougars are playing Auburn, they are not playing in Auburn Wa, they are playing in Alabama. Hopefully they will do well. I've heard that Auburn is really good, so we probably won't win this one. As long as we beat the Huskies (any season that we beat the Huskies is a winning season) and win most of the rest of our games I will be happy.

Don't fail me now, Alex Brink!!!


Rosanne said...

Go coooooooooougs! ;)

(ok, so we totally lost today. but shhh!)

Elyse said...

Ah, it's alright. I don't think it counts, only what we do in the pac-10... Hopefully we can do BETTER THAN LAST YEAR!!! Because last year *whispers* We totally stunk!

jelvistar said...

Come now Elyse, we did not stink! Our defense was on vacation, but we had a pretty good offense. Geeezz, some fan.

Elyse said...

Yeah, I didn't really watch the whole game. I'm tired of watching the cougars lose.

*prepares self to be beaten by my sister*