Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Say Hello to...


Can you think of any good names? Please give me your suggestions, whoever you might be. I'm thinking Samson because, well, there actually is no reason.

I'll try and get more pictures of later because blogger is being a meany head.

Oh and by the way, that is Barbarosa (my brother John) holding the kitty.


jelvistar said...

oh my goodness
"fuzzball part deux"
I'll keep at it.

Someoneelsebefor said...

oooo,i like Aslan and Ninjacat.But i think you should name it Samuri Ash after yours truly XD *rofl* or some cool Japanese name! sorry, i've been watching a lot of anime,hehe.

jelvistar said...

I like that idea...you could go with "Chihiro" from Spirited Away
(pronounced Chih-here-o)
(pronounced Toe-Toe-Roe)
from another Miyazaki movie.

A Lobster Brian said...

Snake! ..oops..taken.

Someoneelsebefor said...

ooo ooo!!! Name Him Sake!! that would be awsome!you know like the Japanese rice wine? normally the e has an accent mark above it,but i can't do that on my keybored,lol.do it do it!

Jahothanan said...

someoneelsebefor: Some friends in California already named their cat snake. Elyse would have to name him Snake the 2nd or something.

Elyse said...

People, people, people.

The poles are about closed.

The new name will be announced at a later time and date. But until then, keep bringing in your suggestions.


Someoneelsebefor said...

ummmmm,J.J. i never said anything about naming it snake.I said name him sake,after the Japanese rice wine.So i have no clue what you are speaking of....

Jahothanan said...

Excuse me. My mistake.

Kaits said...

Jelvistar: Oh man, Totoro is like the best ever!

Elyse: Ooh, he's so cute. (the cat that is.) =D

Allie said...

Maximus is a very stately name. You could call him Max for short.