Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm tired

Last night's youth group was small, because there was another church baseball game. But I think we had about 11, maybe. We had 2 Japanese exchange students, Okto and Kaiko. Okto being the guy and Kaiko being the girl. I hung out with Kaiko, she preferred being called "K." She was SO funny, I think she'll be going to another town in 2 weeks. Altogether they are in the states for a year, but they move every 4 weeks. K is about a foot shorter than me, so yes Kristy I actually look like an Amazon woman when I hang out with her. I saw her this morning but she was with the other exchange students and I was lining up my VBS group, so I didn't say hi.

On to VBS.... Today was tiring, but good. I'm really glad I got the helpers I did in my group. Both of them are about 12 and 13, I think. But they listened to me, which is nice cause some guys who are younger than me don't respect me when I ask them to do something at Awana. But these guys were really helpful and nice to me and the kids. I was kind of surprised by how much one of them had emotionally matured since last year, he actually seems unusually mature for his age. I had 17 kids today, whew. But they are all pretty easy, some of them are trouble makers so I have to watch them more than others. 4 more days of this, should be good, hopefully I won't lose any small children. 2 boys walked off to the bathroom, which was across a field from where we were, without telling me or the guy leaders in my group. I sent Joseph to get them, when they came back they said that they had told the game leader. *shakes head* The game leader is not their leader. She will not get blamed something happens to them. I DO NOT want to lose any small children.

Oh man, Andy (one of the leaders) was in my Awana group last year and Joseph asked me if I was the leader of our group and Andy said, "Can't you tell?" Yeaaah, I kind of get into leader mode. *laughs*

I love working with kids and talking to them.

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