Friday, July 28, 2006

Personality Profiles

These people are people that I have seen, but not talked to, in the last couple of days.

A Mom: This girl had a boy when she was in high school, when this boy was in the ages of 2-4 she met another guy. They proceeded to live together and she got pregnant a little bit later. A little baby girl was born just before Christmas.
Now fast forward about 2 years, my Mom and I are down at the lake. We see this Mom come and sit down with a notebook and a pen, she proceeds to smoke a cigarette and draw intently on her notepad. Then her little girl comes toddling down past her mother in a diaper, the little girl goes into the shallows of the lake and plays around for a bit. I'm pretty sure the Mom didn't glance up at her daughter more than two times. The only time she got involved with her daughter was when the little girl took off her diaper.

The little baby girl: I wanted to go and play with her, she was very happy splashing around in the water, at one point she looked at her Mom and began talking animatedly in baby speak with hand motions. A couple minutes later she stood in the water and watched a father playing with his baby daughter and a grandfather playing with his grandchild. My heart bled for her because her Mommy and Daddy probably won't be there for her very often in her life.

An Albertsons shopper: I was over by the live lobsters (lately I've been very entertained by them.) and I saw her, she was so tan it looked like she had spent about 9 hours in a tanning booth. Which for those of you don't know is far too long, you only go in for 15 minutes. (I personally have never gone tanning) She was dressed very immodestly and she had heavy, heavy eye makeup on.-

An older man at Albertsons: Sometimes I'll go out and sit on the bench while I'm waiting for my Mom to finish shopping, I saw the immodestly dressed lady walking to her car. An older man walked up to the doors, but he looked at her and got so distracted that he walked into a lady's cart. I laughed quietly but I wondered if the lady realized how harmful her dress was, she probably does.

There is another lady I'd like to write about, I saw her on the streets of T-town. Some people think that women in her line of work are happier (for lack of a better word) than they are. But I've seen more of her type while I've been driving in town and their faces are so sad. They live very sad lives, giving themselves away for money. I wonder what is left of themselves after they are in that trade.

All these people want to be loved and noticed, they want their pain taken away, they carry burdens that they probably don't want anymore.

My heart hurt for the little baby girl, I wanted to be her friend, I want to show her Christ, I want to be there for her. But then I realized that mostly I wanted to play a part in her life that is most like an aunt, her own aunt was just in drug re-hab and hangs out with the wrong crowd. All I can be to that little girl is a kind neighbor, maybe I'll have a conversation with her when she's older that will plant seeds for the Lord to provide people to water and that He will cause to grow.

God loves that little girl, He loves her mother, father, aunt and everyone else on my list, oh and plus everybody else on the planet.

He loves them so much, even with all their issues. He loves you and I so much, even with all our issues. These people that we see in our daily lives see us, they see the way we act. Can we show them Christ's love in the way we act? You bet. I can show people that I've never spoken to kindness in acknowledging their existence. Granted, I wouldn't suggest that male readers of this post smile at prostitutes, it might give them the wrong idea. ;)

People notice how you act, they notice how you treat your parents, your spouse, your pet. Sure, not everyone notices these things, but God also watches us and He wants us to be kind to each other.

Let's be kind of each other, let's plant and water seeds, let's watch God work in people's lives. Here's a revolutionary idea, let's pray for them!


jelvistar said...

Max had a friend over yesterday, but their playtime was cut short. Why? Because they were chasing the dog around, spraying her with canned air.

Kaits said...

This reminds me greatly of the book "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli.
She goes about the mall and follows someone random for 10 minutes and then decides what kind of greeting card they need.

Elyse said...

That's awesome Kaits, sounds like an interesting book.

Tyler said...

those people are sad
i feel down when i hear that sort of thing