Sunday, July 30, 2006

Long Night Drives

I drove for about 6 hours yesterday, 3 of them being at night. It was pretty hard to stay focused but we made it back alive.

Not without technical difficulties like my Dad's left lens popping out of his glasses, or running around town looking for a bathroom. It was entertaining.

Oh and a couple days ago I held $6000 dollars in my hand, but now that money is gone since Barbarosa bought a car. A mint green car, or as he is saying "sea-foam green". So now there are 5 Mercedes in our front yard, since my Dad bought another car. It's like the same as my Mom's car, but a year older. So I'll be driving one of those when I get my license.

I'm going to my sister's house today and tomorrow we are going camping, although I'm not sure where.


Mom said...

You did a great job driving. You just need to work on those lane changes!!!

Kaits said...

Whoa 6k. That's a lot to hold.

Elyse said...

Yeah, yeah. It was kind of amazing.