Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm back!

Camp was so awesome.

Mom and Dad picked me up and we went to Costco, I forgot that I was back in the real world again. I was really smily at camp, because people are friendly at camp so they smile back. But back here people aren't friendly, it's sad.

It's a good thing to be smiley.

This week I was bugged by a Huskie. I got lots of hugs. I saw a guy named Matt get part of his tooth knocked out. I met some really awesome brothers and sisters in the Lord. Green tea came out of my nose. *cough* Two guys tried to put their arms around me at different times.... I evaded them to the best of my abilities. I was very, very creeped out by that. I got 13 letters, consisting of 4 from my parents, 8 postcards from Kristy, and 1 from Mrs. Williams. But, I didn't have to sing! WOOOOHOOOOO!

It was good times. But I'll try and get a big post about it up later.


Heidi said...

I'll be looking forward to that big post! =) Glad you had a good time....and good job evading those arms! =P

Elyse said...

ARGH! It was sooooo creepy. One of the guys was from my church. I was thinking later that night, "What did I do to deserve that!?!" I was wondering if I had done anything to give him any false (very false) hopes. Guys can be crazy.

jelvistar said...

Nice to have you back gimpy.

Elyse said...


"She walks with a gimp

But don't call her a gimp

Or else I'll cut you."

Thanks so much for that wonderful reputation you gave me at camp....