Sunday, July 16, 2006


5 Mile Lake was kind of a mixture of all the other camps I've been too. The worship was good and the talks were even better.

A guy named Jesse spoke about God's incredible love for us, later in the week he split up the guys and the girls on 2 nights to speak to us. He spoke to the guys about being a mighty warrior, Tyler said he was talking about integrity. The night after that he spoke to the girls about beauty. About how we (the girls) are all beautiful. His talk to us was really, really good. He referred to Proverbs 11:22, "Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion." He talked about how most of the girls at camp were doing a really good job at being discreet but some were not doing good at all. I looked over and saw a girl crying, she had been wearing some pretty tight and low shirts. His talk has impacted me, I no longer have the urge to compare myself to other girls. Because we are all beautiful, God created us that way. He made us individuals because He likes variety.

The games looked fun, but I didn't play. I was actually pretty glad not to play. My team was the Spicy Christian sandwiches, the team game theme was fast food.

My counselor's name is Jolene, she's an oncology nurse at St. Jo's. She called me swollen leg. Her story was pretty amazing. God took everything away from her and then He helped her to let Him do what needed to be done. She wasn't sure she was going to graduate from nursing school because she was going through a huge trial but she asked God to do it for her and He did.

A girl on our Spicy team had surgery on her knee in June and she was on crutches, so we gimped around together. I am really glad I got to know her, I have her email address and some other addresses so that's cool.

5 of the girls in my cabin were really immature, like majorly so. They were boy crazy, and make-up obsessed. They didn't take cabin time seriously most of the time. The first cabin time we were talking about 1 Corinthians 13, Love is patient. I was having trouble being patient with them and then the words sank in. Love is patient, love is kind.... So yeah.

Todd and Tyler were playing poker with M & M's for chips. That was entertaining.

There was a girl named Amanda there, she was going to be in our cabin but our leader moved her because she wanted her to be with other girls from her church. Amanda has a really rough family life. She walked around camp smiling, the last day of camp she gave me a hug and thanked me for being such a good friend. At the bonfire there was this girl crying, for no reason except that she was leaving camp. I thought about Amanda, she was sad to go home because she had made new friends but she was going home to a rough family. I don't know about that other girl's family life but I don't think people should cry for reasons that aren't really that serious. Amanda didn't cry. I hope that her family comes to love Jesus and to love each other.

I think that was about all the interesting things.


Someoneelsebefor said...

wow,sounds fun.Our Youth Group is having camp in a couple weeks(i have no frosties so i won't be going).I think they're going to Silver Birch Ranch........i think. *shrug* i don't really remember *sheepish grin*.I think i'll go write you a random e-mail! yay! sounds fun!

Jahothanan said...

Someoneelsebefor: You don't write me e-mails anymore. I'm depressed.

Elyse said...

Ashlily: That was the most-est random-est email I've ever gotten.

Jaho: I haven't gotten an email from you in a while. I mean an email from you to me, not a T.E. email. I'm sad. :'(

jelvistar said...

email shmemail

Someoneelsebefor said...

Elyse: Now you have to write me one backkkkkk!You can either write randomnesses or ask me about something i said that makes no sense at all,not even a the dickens =P

Jaho:I'm sorry don't be depressed,i'll write you an e-mail today,would you prefer randomnessesity or un-randomnessesity?

Elyse said...

Ashlily: I did write you back. I don't think I could be that random. But I did write you back.

Someoneelsebefor said...

there're going to Lake Ellen,and Jaho you never answered my question so i didn't write the e-mail =(