Sunday, September 21, 2008


(Yoga followers... They found a perch by the bridge at Deception Pass, when we were there. It was amazing.)

So everyone, (maybe two people.. Maybe) summer was crazy! It was crazy good.

The highlights are:

  • Having an amazing job, on which I took a nap.
  • Working the 4th of July (not joking...)
  • Getting my kittens!
  • Camping with Kristy and company.
  • Hanging out with Sasha.
  • Being honest with Mary about hating change.
  • Growing in my friendship with Mary.
  • Hanging out with Allie.
  • Getting contacts.
  • Having John home.
  • Jeff's goodbye party.
  • Getting more involved with the youth group.
So those all have stories behind them, some have many, many stories, so if you are curious, you can email me. However, I doubt any of you are. ;)

God has been so present this summer. I think the main thing I've learned is that when things aren't going my way, it's alright because they are going God's way. My plans have been relocated and shifted around. I've felt uncomfortable and angry... But I've learned that change has to happen. And those moments when I feel like my plans are being dashed to pieces? Those aren't bad moments. I think those are the moments when I realize that God knows.

Like when I said goodbye to Sasha. That was hard... I don't know if I will ever see her again. But God reminded me that she came to Kristy's family for a reason and He is present in the Ukraine as well. :)

When I was having a problem with my best friend's relationship with her boyfriend... Well, God showed me that things do not have to stay the same. In fact, because I was honest with her about how I hate change, I really feel like that made our friendship stronger. After so much time invested in our friendship, I did not want to lose it. But that was all worked out.

When I felt purposeless and afraid... God answered my doubts in a half hour. He encouraged me so fully that I was even excited for my classes!

After this summer I am throughly convinced that God loves me; His plan for me is most excellent, even when I can't understand why my contact is stuck behind my eyeball... He is doing it all for a purpose.


jelvistar said...

Yeah! You posted!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

You think God has a plan for your contact going behind your eye? >_>

Elyse said...

Oh yes... It made me laugh.. And I needed to laugh on that day.

That was the day that my grandma went into the hospital. I was kind of freaking out. So I needed to realize that God was in control. ;)

Celeste said...

"When I was having a problem with my best friend's relationship with her boyfriend... Well, God showed me that things do not have to stay the same."

Oh my goodness...I'm facing the same thing with my best friend. It's be so hard, because like you,I can't handle changes like that.

Thanks for what you wrote.

jelvistar said...

Two weeks, you facebooker.