Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I spent the night at Mary's on Friday. She wanted to do something mindless so that we could talk (and so that she wouldn't have to talk to me when she was falling asleep. You see, sleep is sacred to Mary. =P) so we cut pictures out of magazines and taped them on colored folders. So Mary flips open her magazine and cuts out the first thing that she sees and she does that until she was satisfied with the number of pictures. She just randomly picked out pictures. I opened up my magazine and went through the whole thing mentally marking things that I liked. THEN I went back and cut them out... Very slowly.

When we were finally all done cutting out stuff Mary just plopped everything down on the folder and taped it on. And I rearranged mine five times.... >_<

Yup.. I have organizational issues (fastidious, painstaking, punctilious, scrupulous, meticulous)... It runs in the family though. A certain family member of mine color coordinates her clothes and the labeler Mom gave her was her favorite present of all time.. XD (love you!!! =D)


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