Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've been listening to some audio clips of people saying who they voted for and why. Cracks me up when people are like, "Barack Obama is so charismatic, so I'm voting for him."

Hmm.. A charismatic president... Is that necessary? How about we ACTUALLY look into the issues people?!?!

I heard another lady who was saying how we need to help the "little children" and she was veeeeeeery much against abortion, so she voted for Romney.. Ha ha!

Uninformed people should not be allowed to vote or maybe they should just leave our country.


Amelia said...

OHOH!!! you know what cracks me up??!!?!?

the people that say they're voting for hillary because of her healthcare plan!!

oh no wait. those are the ones that make me want to kill something...

Elyse said...

That would be our Mary..


I think you should beat her up with your logical stick, k? K. ;)

Amelia said...

oh I have, dear, I have.

she is of the opinion that a canada-esque healthcare situation is something to be desired.

silly, silly girl.


Elyse said...

Or!!! When women are like, "I'm voting for Hillary because she's a woman."




Sooooooo... Her positions on issues don't matter at all? Just the fact that she's female makes her AWESOME?!


Elyse said...

....Maybe she should move to Canada for a while and find out how AWESOME it is! =P

But I wouldn't want her to move away, that would make me sad.

Amelia said...

ah yes. those LOVELY people. also the ones who vote for obama because he's black.

and you know what I've decided? if condaleeza rice ran for president, she'd win in a new york minute. there wouldn't even be a reason for any other candidates! because she's TWO minorities! WOAH!!!! IF SHE WAS A LESBIAN SHE'D WIN EVEN FASTER!!!!!!! WOOOOAH!

p.s. get on gmail. pleaaaaase dearie.

Father Cory said...

I know nothing of any of the presidential candidates, Democratic or Republican...mainly because I don't really care about politics. At all.

So, my question is, Does that make me equal to this stick-beatable people? Just curious so I can start loading up on the protective football gear.

Elyse said...

Ummm... Nope! You're safe!

Just as long as you don't go around pretending like you know what you're talking about. ;)