Saturday, February 02, 2008


So Mary and I decided to be emo on Valentine's Day. So, I'm thinking black eye liner all around the eyes, and maaaaaaaaaaybe straightening my hair AND wearing ALL black.

Which, would involve black pants.. Do I have any? Hm... Maybe I'll wear a skirt. Wait. Is that emo? O_O

Also, I'm planning on having several Anti-Valentine Day functions in which I will watch horror movies with my friends.

(Wow.. This post was so cynical!!!)


Father Cory said...

Though I am not married, nor do I have anyone who would call themselves mine, I believe your picture is a bit too general...certainly mass marketing's interpretation of it is lamesauce, but I think it can still be special and unique and fun for those who are in love. You'll think differently of that description when you're married, I think ^_^

Ashlily said...

hehehe,that sounds like FUN. i would love to be there. too bad i'm too far away,lol. maybe if i started walking now....
i don't do anything for that day besides get a crapload of flowers and candy =P I WANT HORROR MOVIES,HORROR I TELL YOU!!!MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
..ok...i'm done now...^_^

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Wow, Cory read into things a bit. XD

You'll need to make sure your bangs are in your face too.

Emo skirts are like creepy school girl skirts. Got any like this or this? lol

Amelia said...


well now I officially feel like the left-out, needy friend



=[ =[ =[

Elyse said...

Well Melia..... I suppose you could do that, but seeing as V-Day is on a Thursday... ;)

Father Cory said...

I hate you, Brian V_V

By the way, I'm celebrating the day by going to a Loveless Lover's Luncheon (Dinner). It's for lovers who love loving people that have no lover to love lovingly XD