Saturday, December 22, 2007

Random worthless information. Sooo.. Why am I even posting? Because Kristy told me to. That's why.

I bought a new journal today. You would think that a journal would have enough pages to cover a year's worth of thoughts, right? NO. Obviously not. In my search for the perfect journal there have been none that have enough for a year's worth of thoughts. Usually less and sometimes there will be journals with like 400 pages or something. Anyway. I bought one. It has 300 pages, so that amounts to 600 day's worth of thoughts. I know, I know... It doesn't have 366 exactly, but it's ADORABLE.

It makes me happy. So, when I finally finish this one that I'm using (which will be around June or May) I will use my new and pretty one. It is very fabulous. The illustrations on the front and back are adapted from Little Nemo in Slumberland, which is a comic I believe. Anyway.

It has a blue velour spine, and on the front and back it is red. Nemo is feeding an elephant a peanut and it says diary underneath with the fancy sliver swirls around it. On the back Nemo is walking his dog. And the diary is tied together by a bright yellow ribbon. The whole diary is quite fabulous and adorable and I loves it, even if it has 600 sides of paper.

So there.

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jelvistar said...

Tres bien, ma soeur.