Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh wow...

I just had the best phone conversation that I will probably ever have. EV-AR. So I was calling Amelia to explain why I was not chatting with her because of the keyboard being stupid and stuff. So I was dialing the number and ring, ring whatever.. And then this guy picks up with a heavy Spanish accent.... So I'm thinking it's totally George being retarded, right?

"Hi, this is Elyse... Is Amelia there?"

"Amelio? No.. There is no Amelio here."

"AmeliAH. Umm.. How about you hand the phone to her?"

"hahha. Umm.. I think you have the wrong number."

"Come ON George, hand the phone to her!!"

Then he said something in Spanish. "Do you know Spanish?"

"hahha.. Umm. No. HAND THE PHONE TO AMELIA."

By this time the thought begins to dawn on me that it might not actually be George...

"Well, I think you have the wrong number."

"Well, ok. I'll try again."

Then I got off the phone and explained it to mom and we almost both died laughing. OH MY WORD.

It was like the best prank ever and I couldn't have done it in real life. Poor guy.. lol. I was seriously like, "GEORGE. HAND THE PHONE TO AMELIA!!!"

hahahhaha.. Anyway. I'm not sure George would think of that.


Amelia said...



you never cease to amaze me.

of course, it's an easy mistake to make, because george randomly answers the phone with spanish accent ALL THE TIME. o_O

Elyse said...

hahaha.. Well, he likes to be sarcastic (just like his sister) so I could see him doing that... lol.

jelvistar said...

Maybe it was my "friend" from the California Department of Corrections who used to call me in Cali...."KRISTINA....PICK UP THE PHONE!"

Ei yi yi

Sir Brian The Manly said...


Ashlily said...

NOW he'll think of it =P rofl