Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mah Mary....

I hung out with Mary today.
It was an interesting day of driving about and wrapping presents. (btw. HOOTTIEZ!!! lol.) We were at Target getting various things and she got some lotion for her mommy and she wanted some lotion. The thing was... I was going to give Mary her Christmas present which was passion fruit body butter (aka YUM. YUM. YUM.). So the conversation went something like this. Mary: Hmmm.. What kind of lotion should I get? Elyse: You shouldn't get any lotion. Mary: * confused* But... I need lotion. Elyse: I think Mary should just SHUT UP and LISTEN TO ELYSE. Mary: *still confused* ... Two minutes later. "Ohhh...." lol.
HOBBES AND ELYSEY!!!! We're pretty tight....
Elysey and Caroliney!!!!!! My beautiful sweet friend that I love soooooo much! I want to have a mini Caroline and carry her around in my purse so I will always have her with me!!!!
Yeah, I know I look like I have mental issues in this picture but it CRACKS ME UP. Elyse has a feathery tree atop her head!! Yay! lol

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