Friday, November 23, 2007


I've been called Amazon twice today. Do you know what that means? It means that Kristy is here. And today we were insulting each other about what we like on our after Thanksgiving sandwiches. And I said that I liked cranberries and she was like, "You're weird." And I said something like, "Your face is weird." And she responded as, "Well, it's your face too."
"I have no comeback to that."

AND THEN. Rob, Kristy and I were playing a card game and John was playing his DS and anyway.. We were talking about John's hair and I said, "I dunno... It gives you a sort of distinguishment."

Do you think that's a word?

Well guess what... They didn't either.

They all burst out laughing and Kristy was like, "That is NOT a word." And I was like, "Oh, it SO is."

And for like the next 5 minutes they were going on and on.

"Elysement it is your turn to playment." And so on a so forth.... Then I was like, "PSHAW." So I went and grabbed the huge dictionary and I found it. So I read it and they were like, "I still don't believe you."

So my new nickname is Menthy. And then they were like, "Oh yeah... Tonight in Elyse's journal... "Dear diary, tonight I had a major victory. After theventeen yearth I have finally overcome them. Thank you for lithening diary, you are the only one who careth."

So then we asked everyone in the house if they thought it was a word and no one else did.

And then John couldn't stand me winning so he went and researched it. They were like, "You're so homeschooled. And you read those romance novels... Just because it was written two hundred years ago doesn't mean it's actually any good."


Then John informed me that it was only in the 1820 and 1912 dictionary. Funny because it was also in the 1970 dictionary.

John was like, "Well, it's not in the new one!!!" And I was like, "Well.. They're just dumbing down America and I'm not supporting that!!!!"

And I also called them public schoolers... =P Then Rob was like, "Well, I went to thchool in California and we made up a new form of Ebonicth.. It'th called Lithpbonicth." So then that was added on to the "ment" and more mockery... XD

My family members are a bunch of sharks, if they smell blood they attack.


Me Myself and I said...

Dear diary,
Toady I learned a new word and I didn't know it was a word, so I looked it up and it WAS a word. Then I basked in the glory of being right(ment).

Love, Elyse

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Anything is a word if you make it one, unless you're playing scrabble or writing something professional. That's the general rule(s) I follow anyway.

Bella said...

ayour weird diestugsting so is your sister is to I'm taiking abut Ruth. Your allso gross weird'O!!!! ya I spelled most of the word's wrong that dosen't mean you have to be mean!!!!!. so I'm doing graet so your a meany MEANNNNNY!!!!.LOVE Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111