Friday, October 05, 2007


There's a kitty at this hotel. I was playing with him and the owner of the motel took him away.... :(

And John won't let me watch the Dog Whisperer because "it'll just make me sad" (aka he just wants to watch football...). I NEVER get to see the Dog Whisperer! =(

In other news.... I saw a baby cow today. It was cute. And I'll get to see Harry and Chato two weeks from this weekend so I won't be so desperate for warm fuzzies that I think that cows are cute.....

*cough* Anyway.


jelvistar said...

yes, especially when you say "baby cow" instead of CALF.

tee hee

Beth Any said...

=) Ok. So how do you delete a blogger account? You're pretty much THE ONLY ONE who comments on mine now... Help?
My tummy hurts.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Oh yeah, I forget that people on your side of the state don't know what cows look like. *sigh*

rosanne said...

Eeeek, so you're at the gaaame right now, and I'm sitting here in my room. Except I just got thrown off a horse, so that's my excuse for not feeling like freezing to death. ;) I hope you had fun! (as of right now, we're ahead... hopefully it stays that way)