Monday, October 22, 2007


We had a pretty bad windstorm last week and there were several consequences. The usual fallen branches and leaves ("FALLEN LEAVES. FALLEN LEAVES. FALL ELYSE TO THE GROUND." *ahem*) AND things were destroyed, which is always entertaining to behold when you aren't affected. I drive over a spit to get to school and I saw that a boat had just basically died. The keel (is that the right word? Coast Guard? Anyone? Coast Guard wife? =P) had basically been ripped off by the anchor, I'm assuming. AND more exciting... There was a SLIDE floating around. I think that someone had a slide on a dock that was anchored to the bottom of the Sound. Unfortunately for them the windstorm decided to steal their slide. So the slide has been floating around the sound for about a week and I'm not going to lie... I've been tempted to swim out there and go down the slide.

Tempted I said... The Sound is FREEZING and there are jellyfish and possibly sharkies... But still. How awesome.

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Sir Brian The Manly said...


Floating Slide!! You should just face the sharks and go slide. ;)

(hahaha fall elyse to the ground)