Sunday, October 14, 2007

In no particular order: PICTURES!!!

A little boy was feeding seagulls on the ferry ride to the city, I thought he was going to get his finger bitten off.
They were taking a bath! Amelia was like, "You are taking a picture of birds washing their filth off... In filth?" Me, "YES!"
Lunch! Mary and Amelia got Thai, the guy who got Amelia's food was in love with her. She doubted this but Mary and I both knew the truth, especially when he got the HUGEST grin ever on his face when he gave her the food. Mary, being a vegetarian, ordered tofu. Fried tofu. She received limp, nasty tofu. Amelia and I bugged her about being a vegetarian. I was like, "Mary, for my birthday I would like you to eat a hamburger from McDonald's."
Leaving the city. See? I told you these were out of order.

Amelia, doing some research... =P
We had a stalker... He took our picture while we were waiting for the ferry to come.
Walking through the streets. I'm pretty sure Amelia and I would have just sat down and cried. Mary (fearless leader) led on.. Even if that meant walking in a round about way and ending up in the same place. yay! I'm really sore today. =D
Yay! Death! Amelia! SMILE! yaaaaaaaay!
hahhahaa.... This was on the ride back, Mary was like, "Who wants to go do King of the World with me?!?!?!" Amelia, "MEEEE!!" So then they did. Oh, but this was the second picture.
This one! Amelia like fell over and this guy was standing there and he took their pictures. Amelia said it was about a 9 on the awkward scale (from 1-10).
We all got glasses! They are UH-MAY-ZING.
We had many choices of glasses....
But we chose the best ones... I might post a story made of pictures we made on the ferry later. We actually made three stories. And no one was sitting around us... Probably because we were insane and very loud. Oh well..

Anyway, it was a very lovely way to celebrate a birthday. And now I have 130-some pictures to remember it by.


Amelia said...

yay for awkward photographers!!! O_O

aaaaaaand uh-maze-ing glasses!

aaaaaaaaaaaaand "research" lol

aaaaand EMO POSING! HA!


yay for trips to Seattle with Mary and ELYYYYSE!!!!!!!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Man, I wish I was cool. =(

ruthanne said...

did mom and dad let you go into seattle without them?