Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oh it's ON now....

John bought Brain Age 2 about two weeks ago so Mom, John, and I have been playing it.

I don't know what it is about my brother but it always turns into a competition.... lol

I just started playing a game on Brain Age called Virus buster yesterday. So I got like 64 points on hard and like 168 on normal. Last night John was like, "*content sigh* this is hard." And I was like, "Oh? How many points do you have?" He answered and I was like, "Oh." So half an hour ago John was like, "Oh yeah... I beat your score by like 100."

And I was like, "!!! Why is it a competition?!!?! Virus Buster is supposed to be RELAXING."

"You had a smirk last night...."

"I DID NOT!!!!"

"Yes you did..."

"What did I say?!?! Huh? I said NOTHING about that. R-tard! (We're very loving all the time, as you can see) WHY IS EVERYTHING A COMPETITION?!?!?!"

"What's the point of the game if it isn't comparison? And do you know where r-tard originated from?"

"Ch..... Loser. AND YES. And do YOU know where it came from oh smart one?"

"*smirks* It came from the Greek....."

And then we both laughed. So then he continued playing with a SMIRK. And I sighed.

I just want to beat him on the piano game, he got 96 and I've only gotten 95... But I held the top 3 spots for a week!!! But Kristy will be here in like an hour so both John and I will be thrown from the top three spots. The sibling who actually plays will destroy us.

I must say I really enjoy Brain Age though, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? =P

And Amelia will be here soooooooon!!!! We are going to draw a picture that she promised a friend of ours like 2 months ago. It should be good times.


Austin said...

You better get a really high score now. I'm just imagining the brother smirk in my head - oh yes, I know what it looks like. I have a brother.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I like Brian Age 2 better. So dude....that reminds me of a story.

First of all, you must know that Kristen is the all time master of Tetris. Like you have no idea.

Anyway, Douglas (a friend of ours about Darren's age) and Darren and I went with my dad to Minnesota on a fishing trip for a week. Well Douglas brought his gameboy color (which I now own) and he bought the Tetris game for it on the trip. So he and Darren competed in the 40 lines game (get 40 lines in the shortest time you can) and they played it ALL WEEK!! They just kept beating each other's scores, and sometimes it would take hours before the latest score got beat and they really got serious about this...Finally Douglas got the fastest time and Darren couldn't beat it and Douglas was like, "YES!! I WIN!!" Then I kind of threw out a comment and said, "Kristen could beat your score on her first try." and he like laughed and me and said, "oh right, I'm sure she could." but I told him I was serious, lol.

Sooooooo, when we got home, we gave her the gameboy and told her to beat his score and sure enough, she hosed him almost effortlessly. He wasn't happy about that, lol.