Monday, July 16, 2007

me: Chaos is breaking out upstairs.
Sir: You should name your next pet Chaos and then when you say that it'll mean he broke out of his cage or something
me: lol!
I think Mimi just got out!
I mean.
That's horrible.
Good thing no animals are upstairs.
Sir: IIIIIIIIIIII don't even know who Mimi is. ^_^
me: Bella's hamsters.
Just one.
Sir: oh yeah! heh
me: That was funny.
Hopefully they find it.
Sir: lol
Maybe it's in the doll house or something since they've trained it to use that stuff
me: I'm so insensitive! I'm like laughing at this and Bella is almost crying. lol
I'll have to tell Kristy that.
Sir: hahaha
me: Hold on. I'm going to go see how it's progressing.
Sir: oki doki
me: lol!!!
I had to walk away I was laughing so hard.
Sir: Hahahaha
me: Bella is smirking
Sir: oh dear
me: My Dad is getting frustrated.
John and him are trying to get Mimi out from behind the buffet thing.
One of them has a broom, I'm not sure how that's going to help.
This is really funny.
I wish this was on video.
I think they found it!
Sir: Buffet thing? Is it like a bar counter? Or do you have one of those kitchen windows? 'Cause both of those are cool, heh
me: Good times, good times.
No, umm... What is that called.
But that was funny.
Good times.
Sir: Maybe it's called good times.
me: No.
I asked my Mom
And she said it was a "heavy piece of furniture."
Sir: Hahahahaha!!
me: It has cabinets and it's long.
Sir: Hey, I think we have quite a few of those at the store, lol

ps. Kristy, Mimi is fine and safe in her cage.

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jelvistar said...

okay because I was about to KILL you. (No not really, hamsters are weird.)