Friday, April 27, 2007

Ah, good times good times

Good pranks, good times. So, since I'm a college kid now and I hang out with college kids, does that mean we are mature? No way. Amelia and I got up early and stopped at Albertsons, we bought a balloon that looks something like this. Except more awesome, I should take a picture and post it. Anyway, Amelia and I tied him to Mary's side mirror. She called me and said something like, "I'm guessing that it was you who vandalized my car.... I hate you, but not really because it made me laugh. Call me back..." I didn't call her back, because I knew she would be just a tad hyper. Anyway she called me the next morning and was like, "Elyse.... Um. You didn't call me back and ummm." Anyway, I felt really bad but it was still funny. I told Amelia I should have told Mary that I saw her stalker over by her car with an obnoxious yellow balloon, but I didn't. ;)

Anyway, Mary then "Miked" my car. She named the balloon Mike. I went to her house and we talked for a bit. She has a disadvantage in our little Mike war because she lives like 5 minutes away from the campus, while Amelia and I live about half an hour away.

Mike has gone back and forth and then on um... Wednesday, when I got out of English I went to Mary's house. Caroline assisted me in helping me hide Mike. I hid him in Mary's shower.

The next day she said she opened the door and he pretty much rushed out at her. lol. I can just imagine her face. After Amelia and I hung out with Mary for a while we went out and Miked her car.

We'll see how it all turns out, but Amelia and I have something good planned for the end of the quarter. Mweheheh....


Sir Brian The Manly said...

When I was at my brother's house, he bought this CD for like 74 cents or something, and we listened to it in the car. Worst rapper ever! XD

So anyway, I was leaving that day and I happened to glance in my bag before I left and there it was! I thought, "Yeah right, you can't pawn this off on me" lol. So I sneaked it into his Bible before I left. Then they came over for Easter and left...but a few days ago I was looking through our movies and there it was amidst the DVDs.

I'll get him back for this. =D

jelvistar said...

no comment

Cory said...

I think I'm going to come up and visit in a couple months for a weekend. Just as a sidenote.

Sir Brian The Manly said...


Josh said...

Woohoo fun times. I should go to colledge.