Friday, February 23, 2007

The Answers

If you have not taken the test, do not read this post. Proceed to the post below and take the test!

Just in case you were wondering what you got wrong here you go.

Numero uno: My FAVORITE CAR is the Mini Cooper.

Di: Cats are moody, unicorns are not. The end.

3: Disliking the metal in my leg would be like disliking my leg. I dislike the thing that caused the metal to be in my leg, a zip line.

Tetra: I inch in all dangerous situations. You will most likely never see me doing anything dangerous full speed.

Cinco: "issues" = problems. I don't have problems singing, quoting Star Trek thingies OR driving (you sarcastic people... MAYBE YOU JUST HAVEN'T RIDDEN WITH ME SINCE THE BEGINNING! I have improved... Moving on!) I have issues blobbing (jumping off a decky thing onto a large air filled rubber bladder. Out of the 5 or so times I tried I successfully blobbed once. I am a failure.

Hexa: Diesel is his name. Today he grabbed onto my arm and held onto it, while biting me. I had to shake him off. He's like a Piranha, I tell you.

Hepta: NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! "Stephen, I am concerned for your soul.... *BAM!*"

Seriously go to that last link.

Eight: I would like a Mini Cooper and a Scottie dog.

Nona: Although Christian Bale is amazing, James Stewart was the BIZ-OMB. Oh and for those of you who were trying to remind me of my younger, more immature days.... Orlando Bloom is not my favorite actor. *shudder*

Deca: Cap guns....


Sir Brian The Manly said...

Woo! I was right about Mr. Cooper and Mr. Stewart.

I didn't know that's how you destroyed your leg. At least it wasn't something stupid like when I tripped over an air compressor of all things. ^_^

jelvistar said...

Copy cat.