Wednesday, December 13, 2006


is not fun, by any stretch of the imagination. But it is necessary. Diesel has most likely had his surgery, we'll be picking him up between 3 and 4. If you would, pray for quick recovery for him.

Speaking of sad pet things (Diesel needed to be fixed though, but I still miss him that's why it's sad) when we were coming home and we were by the Spit I saw a big dog get run over! I felt like I had hit him and he couldn't get up. He might have had internal injuries and he most likely broke his leg. The man that hit him walked back to the dog, but really what can you do in that situation? There is a vet near by, hopefully the man took the dog there. I know that it was just a dog, but it was someones dog and I hate seeing anything die. I almost cried. I hope I never hit anything, I will be overwhelmed with guilt.

Last night was interesting, long and interesting. Diesel had to stay inside the house so he was complaining about being locked up and then he "relieved" himself on the blanket that was supposed to be his bed. Ugh. Anyway... He'll most likely be staying in tonight, I wouldn't want a groggy kitten to fend for himself outside.

OH! I saw adorable baby animals!!!! I went to Pets and Pals and I think my favorites were a white dog that had huge ears and some tiny kittens. But there were also 4 mini Schnauzers and they were SOOOOO cute too.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd probably feel sick if I hit a dog or something. =X

-brian (it wouldn't let me log in)

jelvistar said...

You need pictures of the puppies. They are SO cute when they're little, and then they're just okay looking.