Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Weekend

Soooo yeah. Interesting weekend.

Yesterday we were waiting in the car and where we were parked there was a pumpkin dropping thingy so Mom and I got out of the car and watched. Butch was there, for those of you who don't know Butch is the Cougar mascot (pictured left). The event finished and we went back to the car, Dad decided we needed to get really for the game. So we got out of the car and began bulking up. Butch was walking around, looking at his reflection etc. He walked over to our car, my Dad said, "Hey Butch." Butch then proceeded to take a blanket from our trunk and run away! Mascots don't talk so he explained through hand motions that he was cold.

We all had a good laugh and he walked over put the blanket around me. Then he pulled my hat off and put it on himself! That's why my hair is so messed up, my face is red because well. If you had a mascot walk over to you and pull your hat off, wouldn't your face have been red too?

The Cougs lost, but come on! They didn't play like they've been playing. Oh well, hopefully they'll pull themselves together before the next game.


rosanne said...


Seeing as how I'm in the physics & astronomy club, i was totally part of the pumpkin drop. as in, i even dropped one of the pumpkins.


I totally saw him taking your blanket, too. except I didn't see you, or recognize it was you or anything, but my family and i totally saw that, and started laughing.

jelvistar said...

You are a little red.

Elyse said...

Rosanne! Oh my word! That is too funny. Which floor were you on? The top or the lower one? I was thinking about how many people were watching that when I cropped the picture today, there were some guys walking by and I thought, "Hmm... There must have been other people watching."

Ha! But I wouldn't have thought you would have seen that. Awesome.

Kristy: Yeah... Not as red as I got tonight though! We were playing some sort of game, I'd say it's basketball played sitting down with more shoving and grabbing. I was in mortal hand to hand combat with a guy over the ball and I won! Ha ha! He's like, "Elyse is strong." But if he had been on crutches for as long as I was he probably could have had muscles like me too. Not that I have huge muscles or anything. >_>


Celeste McGrath said...

Glad you made that clear that he is on the left of the photo...I was starting to wonder.... :)

Keith said...

*chuckle* Where abouts was the game?

Curly said...

You are so cute Elyse! Luv ya!

We sooo need to get together and see that movie you were talking about!

someone called tman said...

you are such a college football nerd

Elyse said...

Celeste: Yeah, well I knew I would need to clarify that. You know some people might think that I dress up in a furry costume all the time. =)

Keith: Washington State.

Curly! Totally, I'm working on a plan for a get together but I need to find the right date and then I'll send out an email.

Tyler: You are.... Never mind.