Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some other things that make me laugh

My youth group leader Army rolling back to his side, causing me to break into hysterics. I could have pelted him, if I had been strong enough. Yet, I'm not. It was soooo funny though. I think I hurt myself. Wooo for me.

Brian and Cory.

The Chats.

My niece and nephew


jelvistar said...

You pleaser you.

now if you would only leave a comment or two....

Father Cory said...

Whaaaaaaa?! That wasn't a post about me!

I'd make a post about yoooou if yooooou asked me to!

Sir Brian The Manly said...


(Hahaha, oh man that CoD2 shirt picture cracked me up. XD

Now excuse me while I go piece myself back together. =P )

Elyse said...

Cory: What do you want? A biography? =P And what would you post about me?

Lobster Brian: I'm not quite sure what most of your comment meant buuuut I'm glad that picture cracked you up. :)

Father Cory said...

Psh, biography.

A simple explanation on the equation of punctuation relating to me. Obviously.