Monday, November 27, 2006

"people, they don't understand...."

"LAST NITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

OK, sorry. I had no title and I decided to just go with song lyrics.

The day after Thanksgiving we went and saw the Dead Sea Scrolls, my Mom liked that the PSC didn't just present the Jews but they also presented Christ. Notice in the picture that the face is made up of scroll fragments. Not that Jesus looked like that. Psh.... In Isaiah it says that He had no beauty or majesty to attract us. Anyway, they had part of Isaiah 53, which was cool. And another favorite of mine Hosea! Part of Psalm 119 and lots of others. It was pretty cool.

The weekend has been pretty busy... Such is life.

Today in Teen Leadership I got in late due to a long chem lab. As soon as everyone was seated Mrs. S. told us to find the description of the Behemoth, the first one to get it would get a big candy bar. I was like, "Eh? I don't have my Bible." *dashes to Bible stash* Caroline and Steven were close behind. I found Job 40 and finally found a mention in 41:15 so I yelled it out. It was pretty funny, I was DETERMINED to get that candy bar and when I get determined, watch out. Caroline was like, "You had better share." Of course I said the same thing to her. The lesson today was about motivation. Haha.... Then we had a "motivation assessment" thing, I was so tempted to mess the thing up. Like one of the things on the list was adultery, since that's not really an issue with me it was just funny. But it was good, it's so obvious that I am a sinner. There are so many places that I fail.

I think it's good to take a step back and ask the Lord to reveal where you fall. Ask your parents where they see you falling. It was pretty amazing. We had to fill out an "abilities and talents" sheet one of the questions was, "Where do you have trouble?" I wrote something and after I was done filling it out I asked my Mom and Dad's opinion (all part of the assignment), my Mom wrote something that is so true about me, something I forgot to write down. It was amazing to realize how well she knows me. So it was good to look at where I fall so that I can better ask the Lord to help me.

God's grace is amazing and I'm seeing why it's important to be honest with your brothers and sisters in Christ, it helps you to be accountable. When I put on the face, the "I'm perfect and don't need any help thanks anyway" face, it's really just hurting myself. Christ wants His body to be one, not holding back but really knowing each other. I'm so grateful for the wonderful people that God has put in my life.

So I guess my title did have relevance. When I was in the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit the people around me, not all of them understood. God's word has existed for this long and will continue to thrive and the other thing they don't get, Christ died to save them and He actually can save them. He saved me.

I think an excuse I might use is the "people don't understand" when I fall, when the Lord is prompting me to be open with my family.

Anyway, it's snowing!


Father Cory said...

I know what you mean relating to that whole "putting on the face" deal. Makes you wonder how many of those perfect families and perfect people at church really aren't that way. I know I wore the mask for the longest time...but psh. Not worth it. One of the biggest things I found out this last year was that.

"It's better for people to hate you for who you are than to love you for who you are not." - Can't remember the author

jelvistar said...

So...did you get the candy bar?

Josh said...

Wow alot to take into thought.

True quote Corry.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Bethany went to see the DSC with her class yesterday. They hit an elk on the way home.