Thursday, October 05, 2006


So as some of my faithful have noted, it be pink!!! It will die soon, I promise thee. I'll make it cool and non-pink again.

I switched to Beta, every blogger should do it. Kristy has switched and her site is looking pretty cool and not pink. :) I've added some links, namely Celeste and Keith. I'll probably put some more in there at some point. Ruth has updated her website, so if you go to her page you can see her travels. BTW Ruth and Kristy are my sisters.

For now, enjoy the pink. *gag*

*edit* It is gorgeous, I looove it. What do you think of my new template?


jelvistar said...

Mucho Grande Huevos.

Elyse said...

Thank you?

Ummm... "Very large (something)"???

Elyse said...

"Many large eggs"???

Either you are a freak or my translation is waaay off.

Keith M. said...

Yeah, that is the first thing I thought, very large EGGS? huh? It must be a homynom or something. Hey I LOVE the 'pink' I like it because it is more like a light pink. AWESOME! It has the resemblence of camerones. (spanish)

Keith M. said...

BTW if you were wondering, my picture is a little guy on a pogo-stick. Just experimenting. :)

Celeste McGrath said...

Woo-hoo...very cool...and thanks for adding me...I'll add you! :)

Oh, and Keith, thanks for letting us know what your picture is...was wondering!!! ;)

Elyse said...

I believe I know what she meant, I think she meant that it reminds her of Easter Eggs. Thanks Kristy, that wasn't quite what I was going for but... Oh well. *laugh* I guess I'll keep the Easter theme for now. =D

Keith: I have a confestion, I don't actually know Spanish. I know about 3 words and that is it. My parents had to help me out with "huevos." So you know Spanish? I'll probably take that as another subject. I'll need 2 years of a language before I get into a college (that is the general amount required).

It's violet. You should have seen the pink, it was bright pink! I customized this template to make it purple colors. But it is close to a pink color, but we shall call it "violet" for now. :)

I like your pro pic.

Celeste: You are welcome!

Keith M. said...

I like pogo-stickman too, I want to change him soon thought ;)

A Lobster Brian said...

I looked at beta and nothing appealed to me enough to make me switch. =)