Friday, October 06, 2006

A couple of things

I have an update for the prayer request from a couple posts ago. The lady now has custody of her children and will get to go back to her house today at 5. Praise God! Please keep praying for healing for their family.

Now on to a different topic. LOST. OH MY WORD. Where are my homies at?!? Ashlily? Kaits? Rosanne? Where you be? We need to discuss the episode.

It was awesome. Barbarosa thinks that this will be Jack's last season, what do you think?

Sawyer may call Kate Freckles, but we all know what his nick-name is. Dimples!!!

We need to discuss this.

Anybody else see Lost?


Celeste McGrath said...

Hold, it hold it!!! If you're going to talk more about LOST then give me warning...because our next season hasn't started yet over here!!!
So maybe I just should just steer clear of your blog for a few days! :) LOL!

Ashlily said...

!!!!!! LOST is the single best show on earth!!! oh,the confusion! Oh,the escapes! Oh, buscuits?? XD rofl. We need a name for our LOST gang.....We also need a name for our homeschooler gang,lol.

Celeste:when DOES it start there? When it does you should join our "gang" hehe.We pretty much just all found out we love lost so yeah....we're not much of a gang,haha.

jelvistar said...

Ummm. Okay.

Celeste McGrath said...

Not sure when the next season starts...probably in a couple of months...last season ended on the "lost friends" going around the island to see "the others"...and of course promptly ended there on us!! Groan

Keith M. said...

Nope never seen LOST. Saw star wars though! :) LOTR is awesome too.

Rosanne said...

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my goooosh!

first 30 seconds..!!!


A Lobster Brian said...

Hmph. I used to not care that we didn't have TV. I don't even like TV or want TV. But it's because of this lack of TV that I don't get to watch Lost.

Oh well, at least when I finally DO watch it, I'll be able to watch them all in a row with no commercial interruption. =D

Kaits said...

Oh. My. Goodness. LOST is crazy! I just about died when I saw the plane crash in last week's episode. (Even though I saw it coming.) Saywer is still my favorite. No matter what he does.

Let's call the Lost group the "fish biscuts". XD

P.S. My mom calls Saywer "Dimples".