Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guess who's home?

Diesel! This is a good story, so you all had better comment!

As I've said before Diesel was missing, right now I'm holding a very wet beautiful cat named Diesel. John got home from work and Dad told him Diesel is gone, I had come out to "soften the blow" (I came out a little late). We heard "MEOW! MEOW! MEOOOOW!!!" So we franticly began searching around the yard, I went into the back, while John and Dad looked in the front. It was coming from John's car!!! So we got out there and someone popped the hood and there was my baby. This whole time I had been running around crying and laughing, so I was finally holding my little baby. *sighs happily*

So today Diesel got in John's engine compartment and John drove to work, which is probably about a 45 minute drive, Diesel sat in the engine for at least 10 hours today, in the hot car. Diesel could have got chopped to pieces by the fan, but he didn't.

Last night I was thinking about a devotional I had read about how David poured out the water he found, he poured it out for the Lord. In the devotional Oswald Chambers had said that to enjoy God's blessings fully we have to give them back to Him. I thought, "God if you took Diesel away I would still trust you." I said it and I meant it, I just didn't think that God would take him away the next day! Mom and I were talking about how God gives and He takes away, we enjoyed Diesel and we loved him, we got to have him for 4 weeks. 4 wonderful weeks. We talked about how God allowed us to have Diesel for that time, how we appreciate the time we got with Diesel. I prayed for my Diesel today, I prayed that wherever he was that God would protect him and that he would be safe. How God hears us!

I look at this little cat that I have on my lap and I see a cat that belongs to God, God is just giving us more time with him. Again the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!
It blew my mind today as I thought about how powerful God is, He gives us blessings and takes them away, He does this sovereignty and in love. It blows my mind how awesome God is!

You should have seen me this morning, both Mom and I were blubbering. Kristy talked to me and gently asked if I had a cold, that tells you how badly I was doing emotionally.
A lesson I learned today is that I need to appreciate the blessings I have and I need to thank God for what He has given me.

Thanks for your prayers!


Tyler said...

wow im the first one to post a comment-be happy elyse
im glad your cat is back

jelvistar said...

So you didn't tell them how the cat stayed in the engine compartment of John's car ALL day (at the shipyard), and then rode ALL the way home too! He was just trying to live up to his name.

jelvistar said...

okay, I just got up. You did say he was in the engine comp...I need more sleep.

Kaits said...

I'm so glad he's back! ^_^

Ashlily said...

The Lord works in wonderful ways!! i'm glad Deisel is back.Wendnesday night was Prayer and Praise night at youth group so i asked for prayer for you and your family.Then i got home and checked your blog and saw your post! Yay,prayer!

cooper said...

hey hey hey, this is weirdoluvsdata from xanga :)
question= yes it is moby
1. yeah i love all kinds of music
2. i looove target
3. messeges straight from the word - me too
4. hi! (chuckle)

so is this a rebelution blog?

Elyse said...

Hey guys, thanks for the prayers and congrats on the return of the small one.

Ashlily: What did you ask for our family? God is so awesome, He prompts people to pray when we most need it.


Cooper: Thanks for stopping by. No this is not a Rebelution blog, I haven't really gotten involved in their website, I comment sometimes but I'm not involved really. I have more to say on the subject but I don't really have time to do that right now.

Again, thanks for stopping by!