Saturday, August 05, 2006

"There is a star in the sky...."

We just went to a yard sale, more like a gigantic huge sale. I'm not too huge on going to yard sales, but I like them more than thrift stores. Basically I like going thrift store shopping if I find something good and I don't have to hang around the store too long.

Anyway, I think later today Mom and I will drive over to Mrs. R's house to get my Apologia Chem text book. I'm kind of concerned about this class, because I loved biology and I did really well in that class but chem has algebra.... And I don't really like that. Mrs. R is a really good teacher, she expects a lot, which is good. I think co-op starts around the 11th of September.

I think I'll start my algebra book around the 15th this month, I like to get a head start. Last year I took a math class at co-op, that kept me on schedule and I actually finished a math book. :shock:

But this is just all boring school stuff and none of you want to hear about school right now. I am excited to see Mary and Caroline every Monday, I do love seeing all my friends. But the homework for chem will be killer. Oh well.

Yesterday night it was one of those times when the light comes on and you see some of what God has been doing on your heart. I've been having some drama issues with some people and I just want it to be over, but God reminded me that there are seasons in life and that He has planned this. I was also reminded of how awesome it is to have parents and older siblings to advise you. I love seeing what God is doing and how He is shaping my life and heart for His glory. I know that sometimes I am a clumsy instrument but there is grace.

VBS starts on Monday, I'm leading a group of 5-7 year olds. This will be my first time of leading a group at VBS. But I'm assuming it will be like leading a group at Awana, which is basically what I did last year. I think I'll go to some of the neighbors who have kids and ask them if they want to go to VBS. I love leading groups of kids, I think my biggest issue is the other leaders that are under me. I hope I get people that care about the kids and not impressing their crush. That is dumb.

I want to get a thin Bible to carry around in my purse this week, and I want to get some new shoes and a coat. So yeah.
Anyway, this was a random post but these things run around in my head.


jelvistar said...

too much fun

Elyse said...

Which part? Or were you just making a random vague comment like you like to do? =D

jelvistar said...

Your new profile pic looks like a dude.

Elyse said...

If you look at it closely you can see she's a she.

jelvistar said...

What evah