Sunday, August 20, 2006

He cares for you

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Ha, OK. So that is Bella, she has been singing that a lot today. Kristy and I decided that it needed to be an audio post, just because Bella was singing it in a really funny way (later in the night I ended up having a laugh attack because Bella was trying to get Kristy to do it correctly... Which was so funny, so funny in fact that I managed to spit out some water before it went out my nose, that is a painful thing). Kristy had forgotten her pin # so we used my account. While she and Bella were doing that I looked for my cell phone. I always keep it in the side pocket of my lego purse and it was not there. I had taken it out to make sure it was on silent at youth group today and I didn't remember seeing it after that. So yeah. A lost cell phone = me freaking out. Another thing was that my cell phone was on silent. Great... But Bella's "Cast your burdens on Jesus, that He cares for you" was very good timing. I searched my purse a couple times and decided that I should just go to sleep and call the church tomorrow, when I looked down and saw my cell phone in my Mom's shoe. Oh my word. I don't depend on it for my life but my Dad wouldn't be pleased if I lost it and I'll need it when I go out driving by myself.

Yup, God is good and He shows it to me in some of the smallest ways, but it makes a big impact.


jelvistar said...

Pastor Burns
and Jesus
Daddy cares for you.


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