Sunday, July 02, 2006

I sat next to a Marine today

Yeah, he goes to my church and I'm friends with his sister. He came back from 29 Palms for a little family visit. I saw him at church... Then I saw him again at the church softball game, I sat in front of him and then I saw him at youth group.

Anyway, the Marine and a guy sitting next to him were talking about stuff, I'd join in at random points. But most of they're conversation was not good, it made me really thankful to have some godly young men in my life.

Josh walked over to the stands to get some water from his dad, I was so glad to see someone my age who actually shares my beliefs and lives them.

To my male friends, thank you for following God in the way you are. Thank you for respecting us girls in the way you do. I truly appreciate it. If I didn't know you I would lose hope for the male race (outside of my family).

This next week will be busy, some family is coming and for the 4th we are having a ton of people coming to our house. Then a week from today I'm leaving for camp.


Jahothanan said...

Your welcome. But we don't hang out together or anything so I wouldn't be affended if you weren't talking about me.

Elyse said...

I was actually talking about you and Jesta and F.C. and some others I know.


jelvistar said...

And your welcome from me too.

I'm really a dude.

Elyse said...




I had.... *chortle* no clue.

Father Cory said...

The male...race?

I wasn't aware we were actually a subcategory O_O

:laugh: You're welcome anyways :grin:

Elyse said...

FC: Did I actually say that? Oh man.