Sunday, July 23, 2006


It has been soooo hot! At youth group we had a water fight. It was funny because there were only 3 students there, all the rest were at the church softball games. So we had a water fight, it was fun, I got wet, other people got soaked. After the fight and the clean up of the water balloon mess we ate ice cream. Then we continued on with the Chip Ingram series on Spiritual Warfare, I'm really learning from that series. It's quite good.

Anyway, hopefully it'll cool down tomorrow.

I want to go swimming somewhere, maybe the lake or something. Also, this week I want to see a very good friend of mine, I haven't seen her in a while and I want to catch up with her.


jelvistar said...

So does that mean you had the hose?

Elyse said...

No, I was a minor player in the fight. I still can't run, so I could only walk fast.

jelvistar said...

whah whah whah


Elyse said...

You caught me! Yeah... These scars are just for sympathy and attention. I am ashamed.